Archetypal Sea Eggs and the Great Cackler after a Heart Attack


The ancient Egyptians imagined that in the beginning the universe was nothing more than a vast ocean.... It completely filled the universe…. The World was said to have originated in a cosmic egg that had been laid by the celestial goose, which had first broken the silence of the world and was called the Great Cackler. This egg, laid upon a primeval hill, contained the bird of light, Re.

Archives of Archetypal Symbolism, The God Thoth as an Ibis



(32) The Great Cackler

This was the first drawing I made that featured perspective.  Was I finally getting a perspective on things? Had my red tears from an earlier drawing turned into red eggs?

I continue to be surprised at how helpful the alchemical viewpoint is to my understanding of my situation, and I appreciate the way it adds dimensions of history and mythology to universal psychological processes. I had never heard of the Great Cackler until yesterday, yet somehow pondering this myth about cosmic eggs laid in an immense all-encompassing ocean by a cackling goose makes me feel connected to something bigger, and makes me laugh at the same time.

Jungians and alchemists get excited about the symbolic nature of numbers. So why seven eggs? Seven days in a week? The moon, with four lunar cycles of seven days each? The seven chakras? The seven islands of Atlantis?

However you count them, there do seem be a lot of eggs. Perhaps something new was about to break out of an egg?


March 17, 2007